• Ability to recover partition data like documents, images, audios, videos and more
  • Efficient tool to get back data from partition formatted with FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFSX & HFS+ file systems
  • Works well to restore data from WD hard drive partition including Kingston, Seagate & other external HDD brands
  • It can perfectly recover partition data lost after OS re-installation, corruption, formatting, re-partitioning, etc.




Today’s modern era is growing rapidly with updated technologies and every individual wants to get updated with all such high end technologies. There comes the existence of computer, which users depend upon for carrying out various purposes in different fields like education, business, medical, etc. And, to maintain all these data, it possesses hard drive that is regarded to be the most vital part of any computer or laptop. In order to differentiate the stored data with the system files partitions are created. Partitions are the divisions created on hard disks. By default there are two partitions created by operating system. But you can create more partitions according to your convenience. Thus, you can store your important data on hard disk by creating various partitions. Further, file system is used to organize the stored data in an effective manner.

Most of the people believe that whatever data that has been stored on these partitions is safe and secure for lifetime. But, the actual fact is that in one or other instance, users end up losing their vital data. There may be a chance wherein partition containing your crucial data goes missing or becomes inaccessible after its corruption. Certainly this will be a disastrous situation for you, if you have not made any backup copy for all the lost partition data. In such situation where you lose data from hard disk partition, don’t get panic stricken as there are several third party recovery apps available over internet that can help you to get back data from partition after loss. But, one needs to be very careful while selecting third party recovery tools because some of them can be unreliable & malicious that can cause further damage to your existing partition leading to complete data loss. So, highly skilled software professionals has designed most proficient recovery app that is named as partition data recovery. Let’s talk about some of partition data loss cases but first it would be better if you have a real time scenario that will give you a good insight about how data gets deleted or lost from partition:

“I recently got fed up with my NVidia graphics driver on Windows 7 so I decided to install Windows XP on my computer. I choose to install Windows XP on C drive and I formatted that drive and installed XP, after the installation I decided to install my graphics driver which I had copied to D drive earlier on Windows 7 so I didn’t have to download anything after. Hence I navigated my way D drive in Windows XP only to realize that it was not showing up. Therefore I opened Disk management and noticed that it was not showing up their either, the system didn’t even detect the unallocated space. All I am with is the C drive that has been installed with Windows XP. I really didn’t know what has gone wrong as I cannot find the D drive where I had saved all the valuable information. So my question here is how can I recover my data, or the drive were important files were saved. Any utility that can give me the desired solution to restore data from lost partition. If there is a solution, please provide me link through which I recover can my precious music files, games, videos, documents and other office work that was saved on the relevant partition. To be on safer side I have not saved any information on my system as that may overwrite the previously saved information. Sorry for the lengthy post and thanks for your help! Much appreciated!”

Partition data recovery is the one stop solution for your problem. This recovery tool can recover partition data after formatting of partition, corruption of partition or deletion just within few simple clicks of mouse. Before we move on for the features, let’s check reasons accountable for partition data loss.

How you might have lost partition data?

Accidentally Deleting Partitions: While using disk utility program to resize the existing partitions, you might accidentally delete a partition which might be containing your crucial data. What can be done after data? Well, don’t worry you can easily recover partition data using partition data recovery tool. To extract complete data on how to bring data back from deleted partition, simple have a visit on the mentioned page address: http://www.recoverpartitiondata.com/how-to-bring-data-back-from-deleted-partition.html.

Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are the storage area of the hard disk from where the data cannot be accessed. They are generated by frequent errors encountered in system processes while formatting or reformatting the partitions, improper shut down of computer while repartitioning, etc. At times, these bad sectors also make complete partition inaccessible i.e. you will not be able to access data on partition having bad sectors thereby leading to loss of all vital files. However, you can easily overcome such situation if you have partition recovery tool that can restore data from partition with bad sectors at your fingertips.

Improper Disk Partitioning: Partitioning hard disk facilitates the user to manage the system files and users personal data efficiently. Disk partitioning enhances the system performance and also lets the user to opt multi booting facility on their computer. If this process is carried incorrectly with lack of knowledge or is interrupted in between due to electrostatic power surge issues, then it generates several partition errors and restricting access to the stored data thereby loss of partition data. But, if you are looking out for a way to retrieve partition data, then partition data retrieval software could be the finest application.

Improper System Restore: Windows provides you to restore your system to various previously stored restore points. This enables you to restore a system which is generating errors to a healthier restore point. But while doing system restore, if there are any interruptions or if errors are generated during this process then it may lead to loss of data from partitions. Improper system restores may even lead to losing all the partition data as there are chances that system may also get crashed. In order to overcome such problems, here is excellent partition data recovery software, which is capable enough to recover partition data even after improper system restore.

OS Conflicts: A number of times the operating system generates various conflicts like when you want to change your file system from higher to lower i.e. from NTFS to FAT32 then there is probability that operating system may produce conflicts in formatting the partition & because of this you may lose some of the partition data.

Using Irrelevant Recovery Tools: When you come across data loss & use unreliable third party tools to recover partition data, then it may affect your file system or MBR which may result in loss of entire partition.

From all the above scenarios we get to know that there are many reasons that can lead to loss of valuable information that was saved in your respective partition. Hence to be on safer side and to overcome data loss in much simpler way, experts suggest you to update backed up files regularly. This can give you a great relief in data loss circumstances, but what if data is not backed up? What to do if all your important data has been wiped out and you are left with an empty drive? Well there is no need to get upset! This partition data recovery utility provides you with the best solution.

Take a glance at the features offered by this utility:

  • The best tool to restore data from partition deleted or lost on computer installed with Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, etc. Hop over here recoverpartitiondata.com/retrieval-on-windows-7.html for complete assistance.
  • Partition Data Recovery tool deeply scans the hard disk to restore data from partition of various file system formats such as FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, EXFAT, HFS, HFSX, etc.
  • It is a highly proficient tool to recover partition data deleted from various types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.
  • You can use this tool to rescue data from lost partition after repartitioning errors or improper disk partitioning.
  • It even rides you out of the situations like hard drive has got crashed or hard drive refusing to boot by obtaining data from crashed or unbootable hard drives.

Some tips that can help you in avoiding future partition loss:

  • Be precocious while performing sensitive system processes like repartitioning, disk defragmenting, etc.
  • Never download files from untrusted websites to avoid viruses from internet & keep your antivirus tool updated.
  • Don’t use unreliable utilities to perform resizing or repartitioning activities.
  • Immediately use this tool to recover partition data when you find you have lost partition data, because if you continue using the hard disk then the data may get overwritten & cannot be brought back.

Recent Updates:

Data Recovery from RAW Partition: RAW partitions show used and free space as 0 bytes. All the files in that partition become inaccessible. So is it difficult to recover data from RAW partition? NO!! You can use Partition Recovery tool and retrieve the data with full ease without missing any file. For more details about data recovery from RAW partition, click here: http://www.recoverpartitiondata.com/RAW.html.

Recover Data from Corrupted NTFS Partition: Often NTFS partition gets corrupted due to various reasons. Not to worry. The data is safe. Use Partition Recovery software and recover all types of data with full comfort and ease. To know more about recovering data from corrupted NTFS partition, click the following link: http://www.recoverpartitiondata.com/from-corrupted-ntfs.html


Follow the below steps that will guide you to recover partition data:

Step 1: Connect the hard disk from which partition is lost to a healthy system. Run the installed Partition Data Recovery tool on the system. Choose "Recover Drives" option from the appeared main screen.


Recover Partition Data - Main Window

Figure 1 - Main Window

Step 2: From the second displayed screen providing the options of "Partition Recovery" option & "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option, choose out the "Partition Recovery" option to get back data from partition.

Recover Partition Data - Select Partition Recovery

Figure 2 - Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: From the next appeared screen, select the disk from which partition data is to be restored & click "Next" option to start searching for lost partition.

Recover Partition Data - Select Disk

Figure 3 - Select Disk

Step 4: Now a list of found partitions / drives is shown on the displayed screen. Select the partition & click on "Next" button to go to next window.

Recover Partition Data - Found Partitions

Figure 4 - Found Partitions

Step 5: Next window will give you the options to choose the file types to be regained from the found partition & you can also skip this step to move to start searching for lost data.

Step-6: Once the scan process completes, a window showing all the obtained data appears out. You can make use of "Save Recovery Session" option to save the current recovery session of the obtained data. If you want to store the brought back data, you need to buy the activation key of the full version of this tool.


Recover Partition Data - Save Recovered Data

Figure 5 - Save Recovered Data



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